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Ianthe's mission is to help everyone move better, get stronger, and feel good in their bodies.

Growing up immersed in various sports and dance, Ianthe's true passion for fitness ignited after a car accident left her unable to dance. Drawing on her fitness expertise, she successfully rehabilitated herself back to dancing. This pivotal experience drives her commitment to instill correct form in everyone who takes her classes, and her determination to make movement both a challenge and a celebration of the body.

With over 14 years as a distinguished group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Ianthe has made a significant impact in both the US and UK, pioneering Virtual Reality fitness. She has managed studios, mentored top instructors, developed cutting-edge VR fitness games, and directed high-profile fitness shoots and classes in London and New York.


As the only fitness professional with over four years of expertise in VR fitness, Ianthe has collaborated with leading engineers and designers to create groundbreaking fitness classes and studios. She has partnered with major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Oculus, Reebok, and Sweaty Betty, and her expertise has been showcased on Good Morning America,, Glamour magazine, Men's Health, The Guardian, and The Telegraph.


Ianthe has been featured on numerous panels and published articles addressing the lack of equity, diversity, and accessibility in the wellness industry. She not only highlights these issues but also proposes actionable solutions.


Recently, Ianthe relocated to Los Angeles to launch Barry's Ride at the prestigious West Hollywood Flagship studio, further solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in the fitness industry.

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