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​It is Ianthe’s mission to help anyone and everyone enjoy exercise, move better, get stronger and feel good in their bodies.

Ianthe has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 12 years. She teaches a range of genres from strength training to HIIT to treadmill classes to boxing to barre. She has taught in America and England both live and on demand platforms and is a pioneer of Virtual Reality fitness.

During her time in the fitness industry Ianthe has run studios, mentored instructors in London and New York, been Head of Fitness, Talent Director, featured in on demand fitness classes, directed fitness shoots, directed voiceover sessions, created classes in both London and New York and been studio coordinator. Ianthe is the only fitness professional with over 4 years in the virtual reality space having worked closely with engineers, UI designers and VR designers creating fitness classes, movements and studios.

Ianthe has worked with numerous brands in US and UK such as Nike, Adidas, Sweaty Betty, Oculus, FitXR Reebok, MTV and ASOS. Ianthe's dance classes have been reviewed in The Guardian and workouts featured on The Telegraph and The Evening Standard. 

Ianthe currently teaches at Barry's New York and Equinox.

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